At Expert Irrigation, we consider your wants and needs, and provide you with an affordable, state-of-the-art irrigation system. We will meet with you at your property to custom design a system to your satisfaction. During this visit we will determine your water source (flow and pressure), areas to be covered (lawn, plants, gardens, etc.), controller location (indoor or outdoor), property lines, and any private utilities that may be located underground.

We don't cut any corners and utilize the "full coverage" theory in all of our designs and allow you to choose from our many options to customize your system.

All of our new irrigation systems come with a water saving rain sensor, a filtration on well systems, and a backflow prevention device to protect your drinking water from contamination.

At Expert Irrigation, we want you to feel confident about choosing us to install your new sprinkler system. We pride ourselves on our superior service. We have undergone thorough training to properly install these systems to work their best, in the most effective way.